Introduction to welding and fabrication
Description: A well-rounded course for beginners and novices alike. Learn to cut with a torch and plasma. Learn to properly set up and weld MIG and TIG. Learn to read basic prints and proper measurement skills. All while improving your general knowledge. Our most popular course! No previous experience required. Tradesmen and hobbyist are welcome.
Duration: 8 weeks
Price: $999 $799 Limited time offer
Tier: 1
Code Days Hours Dates
WF101f Saturdays 8:00am - 1:00pm January 8th through March 5th 2022
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Advanced Aluminum Welding (TIG)
Description: The most desired skill amongst welders. TIG aluminum is by far the most challenging and frustrating. Nothing can send a welder screaming out of a building more than this. Let us help you master this skill. If it was easy everyone would do it! We can help. Moderate to advanced welding skills required. Beginners and novice welders not allowed.
Duration: 2 weeks
Price: $399
Tier: 3
Code Days Hours Dates
ALMNTIG 2 Day class offered on weekdays 9am - 1pm Ongoing
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Job Training

Don’t see what you need here? Our instructors can develop programs for individuals, as well as, company training. From material handling to equipment operation, welder maintenance and modification. Welders Institute is your resource for all your welding and fabrication needs.


Are you a welder? Want to learn a new skill and don’t want to start from the beginning? Don’t worry we won’t hold you back. Show us your stuff and we will move you along! Our goal is for you to be the best welder you can be.


All students need gear! Bring your own or enjoy a 10% off at Discount Welds on all safety apparel.
Don’t have what you need? Here is a list
Welding helmet (auto-darkening recommended)
Welding gloves
Work Gloves
Welding Jacket (Fire retardant)
Welding Shoes (or shoe protector on steel toe shoes)
Safety glasses
Fabrication apron (Fire retardant)

As a graduate of our program you will enjoy lifetime student privileges at Discount Welds LLC. Not to mention, have access to vendor demo days and part of our student newsletter.

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